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Striped Oxford Tie Set

This Is For The Modern And Classic Gentleman. Classic Navy And Brown. The Striped Oxford Tie Set. All Gentleman Sets Guaranteed to Make Your Dapper Days Easy.

Tie: Striped Oxford Blue Stone Tie
Lapel Pin: Deer 
Pocket Square: Herringbone Brown

Handmade with 100% imported cotton fabric. Perfect for work, weddings or a night out on the town. This Striped Oxford Blue Stone Tie will make you feel like the gentleman you aspire to be or accentuate the gentleman you already are. You’ll look good, feel good and do good things in this tie. Makes the perfect gift for a fellow gentleman or for that man in your life by making them look good and feel good. We guarantee your satisfaction with our free refund policy.*

Goes Good With: Black, Grey
Material: Cotton
Color: Brown/Blue
Pattern: Striped
Size: Skinny/Traditional

  • Skinny - 2.5in x 57.0in (6.5cm x 145cm)
  • Traditional - 3.25in x 57.0in (8.2cm x 145cm)

    The Tie. Sartorial and dapper. Fun and creative. Business or pleasure. The Striped Oxford Blue Stone Tie.

    Not your average lapel pin. Like jewelry for your jacket. Add class and style to your look with our handcrafted metal Deer Lapel Pin. This centerpiece to your outfit is guaranteed to bring in the compliments and get the conversation started. We guarantee your satisfaction with our free refund policy.*

    Goes Good With: Everything
    Material: Metal
    Size: One Size Fits All
    Color: Gold
    Pattern: Deer

    Add the Deer Lapel Pin to your outfit to elevate your look to the next level.

    Our pocket squares are made of 100% imported cotton fabric. Some people say you should match your tie or bow tie to your pocket square; others say they shouldn't match. We say as long as you add that extra pop to your jacket pocket, who cares. You’re gonna look good whether is matches or not. Gentleman facts. With the Herringbone Brown Pocket Square you’ll add that extra flare that completes the look of the modern gentleman, even without a tie or bow tie. We guarantee your satisfaction with our free refund policy.*

    Goes Good With: Black, Navy, Grey, Brown
    Material: Cotton
    Size: 8.6in x 8.6in (22cm x 22cm)
    Color: Brown
    Pattern: Herringbone

    Don’t leave your jacket plain. Throw something in your pocket to square out your look with our Herringbone Brown Pocket Square.

    • Skinny - Any Width Under 2.5 inches.
    • Slim - Any Width between 2.5 inches and 3 inches.
    • Traditional - Any Width Over 3 inches.

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