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Pineapple Polka Dot Men's Socks

Treat your feet right and don’t get left behind with the movement. Handmade with imported 100% combed cotton for max comfort. Gone are the argyle days of boring socks. Fun fashion statements are in. Gentleman handle their business but know how to have fun, with the unique style of the Pineapple Polka Dot Men’s Sock they’re perfect for lounging around, casual attire or adding an eccentric style to your ensemble. We guarantee your satisfaction with our free refund policy.*

Goes Good With: Black, Navy, Grey
Material: Spandex, Cotton, Polyester
Size: One Size Fits All
Color: Turquoise, Orange 
Pattern: Pineapple Polka Dot 

Give your plain dress socks back to you grandpa. Keep your socks cool and playful with the Pineapple Polka Dot Men's Socks.

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