March 26, 2020 2 min read

Look your best this spring, post-quarantine with new seasonal styles in suit wear. Brighter colors, lighter textures, stylish patterns. We’re here to help you figure it out with our 5 dapper styles for the spring gentleman.

1. Shades of purple with linen textures

Spring is a great time to highlight the lighter textures in your wardrobe. Linen is a top choice for the season and our first look highlights that texture and helps you stand out with one of the most under appreciated colors in menswear, purple. Going with a monochromatic color scheme really helps to create a cohesive and simple look.

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2. Pink linen and floral squares

Spring screams FLORAL! A great way to incorporate a floral print in your attire is with your pocket square. Floral squares go great with a number of ties thanks to the amount of different colors in the material. When paired with a more classic solid tie, they can add the right amount of bold to your style.

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3. Tan and blue FTW

Every gent should have a tan suit in their repertoire. They always look great in the spring and summer months. Secret tip from us, switch the pants to blue. Create dimension in your fit where other gents rarely venture, mismatched jacket and pants. To keep things tasteful and dapper, stick to accessories coordinated with the pants. (Floral is a great choice 😉)

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4. Power Flower

Red ties are synonymous with power. Floral prints exude confidence. A match made in dapper heaven, a red floral tie. Pair this up with a light grey suit and red rose lapel pin so the details really pop and command ever zoom meeting while quarantining.

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5. Shock'Em with electric blossoms

An easy look to pull off as long as you have a light blue suit. Bright electric colors and floral prints are in all season long. Keep things classy with a solid pocket square, added bonus this tie really shines on those with blue eyes. (check it out 👀)

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