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5 Lapel Pins You Must Own

February 07, 2020 6 min read

5 Lapel Pins You Must Own

Hey guys, your resident gentleman, Robert is here!

In today’s post, we will talk about the 5 lapel pins every dapper person should own (and of course) why you should own them. So let’s jump in!

Color Theory

Before we begin to talk about which lapel pins we need, we must first understand the color wheel and how certain colors mesh with each other (yes, we are taking you back to grade school with the color game).

Colors are broken up into 3 groups. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

The Primary Colors:

Red, Blue and Yellow

Primary colors are the 3 colors that can’t be created by any combination of colors. They are the core colors that all other colors are to be made from. (If you didn’t remember this, don’t worry - you probably aren’t alone)


The Secondary Colors:

Green, Orange and Purple

These colors are formed by mixing the primary colors.

Green: Mix Yellow and Blue together to get Green

Orange: Mix Yellow and Red together to get Orange

Purple: Mix Blue and Red together to get Purple


Tertiary Colors:

Vermilion (Red-Orange), Amber (Yellow-Orange), Magenta (Red-Purple), Violet (Blue-Purple), Teal (Blue-Green) & Chartreuse (Yellow-Green)

These colors are created by mixing a primary and a secondary color. That's why the hue is a two word name. (💥knowledge bomb💥)

Vermilion: Mix Red and Orange together to get Vermilion

Amber: Mix Orange and Yellow together to get Amber

Magenta: Mix Red and Purple together to get Magenta

Violet: Mix Blue and Purple together to get Violet

Teal: Mix Blue and Green together to get Teal

Chartreuse: Mix Yellow and Green together to get Chartreuse


What does Color Theory have to do with lapel pins?

Absolutely nothing (just kidding). The reason why we went over the color wheel is to familiarize ourselves with color combinations. Color combinations are important because they can serve as a guide on how to coordinate different looks with lapel pins.

Color Combinations

Now that we’ve discussed the color wheel, let’s get into color combinations.

Neutral color scheme: white, black, grey.

Monochromatic color scheme: one single hue of a color.

Adjacent color scheme: formed by colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel.

Complementary color scheme: These are the colors that are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel. The colors are a bit harder to match. (How many people do you see wearing yellow and violet together? Be honest.)

Complementary colors combinations

Violet and Yellow, Green and Red, Orange and Blue,

Triadic color scheme: formed by 3 colors which are evenly spaced on the color wheel. (You can literally draw a triangle on the color wheel to figure out the triadic patterns)

Triadic color scheme

Red, Blue and Yellow

Orange, Purple, Green

Lapel Pins

Let’s talk about the 5 lapel pins we highly recommend every dapper person should have. We do want to say that the style of the lapel pin can vary but the color should stay relatively the same. If you’re relatively new to lapel pins or want to get a refresher on lapel pin knowledge, check out our comprehensive lapel pin guide for more information.

Red Lapel Pins

These types of lapel pins are a must have because:

  • Adds a vibrant spice to your overall outfit.
  • Will literally draw people’s attention to your outfit. The color red attracts the most attention.
  • Easily can be paired with other popular colors in your wardrobe (i.e navy, grey, white)
  • Can be worn in the complementary color scheme

What event should I wear a red lapel pin to?

You should wear these types of lapel pins to any events that you want to be noticed. Whether it be church, work, social gatherings, etc. Wearing a red lapel warrants attention. (you know you like that)

What suit jacket should I wear a red lapel pin with?

Red lapel pins go well with almost every type of suit. To get the most out of your lapel pin, wear these types of lapel pins with lighter color suits (like light grey, blue, khaki).

Blue Lapel Pins

These types of lapel pins are a must have because:

  • Blue is one of the easiest colors to utilize to achieve a classic monochromatic color scheme.
  • Like red, blue goes really well with lighter suit colors
  • Blue is one of the top 3 most popular colors in most Gentleman’s wardrobe
  • Blue has been associated with certain characteristics like trust, peace and tranquility (all characteristics that are hard to find nowadays..)

What event should I wear a blue lapel pin to?

Wear these types of lapel pins ANYWHERE. ANYTIME. Whether you’re going to a graduation, social gathering, Chipotle Mexican Grill or going to sleep; these lapel pins are perfect for any event. (if you do wear it to bed, your dreams will thank you)

Grey Lapel Pins

The grey lapel pin, a gentleman essential, is a must have piece in your wardrobe because:

  • Can be worn with a grey suit (preferably a similar shade) to achieve a monochromatic AND a neutral look (at the same time, *mind blown*)
  • Stands out really well with darker suits (like black, navy, etc).
  • The color grey is associated with maturity and wisdom.
  • A perfect addition to an outfit when you want to look dapper AF but don’t want to stand out (too much).

What event should I wear a grey lapel pin to?

Depending on your color combination (neutral or monochromatic) could influence which event we would recommend you wear this lapel pin to.

Neutral: I’d recommend wearing this lapel pin to formal events. This would allow you to showcase an overall look of elegance.

Monochromatic: Wear this look to semi-formal events like that office party (you don’t want to go to)

Silver Stick Lapel Pins

These types of lapel pins are a must have because:

  • They can be worn with any suit color.
  • They can be worn to both formal and informal events (Depending on the design of the stick lapel pin).
  • More subtle than the above options but just as dapper.

When should I wear a silver stick lapel pin?

Honestly, you could wear a good silver stick lapel pin whenever. Depending on the circumstances, you could even wear them to your next job interview (again depending on the style of the lapel pin).

If you do decide to wear it to your next interview, follow these basic guidelines:

  • Make sure the lapel pin is simple. (You want the interviewer to notice the lapel pin [and your attention to dapper detail] but you don’t want the interviewer to be distracted by it).
  • Make sure the design is appropriate. (Don’t wear a party cup lapel pin)

Make sure it coordinates with your outfit. Going for a monochromatic theme is a safe bet.

Gold Stick Lapel Pins

These types of lapel pins are a must have because:

  • If worn right, these lapel pins can add depth not only to your outfit but into your character as well.
  • They can be worn with most suits (we’d recommend not pair it with light grey, but you do you!)
  • A gold stick lapel pin is great to have because it adds an elegant touch to your overall outfit.

When should I wear a gold stick lapel pin?

Like the silver stick lapel pins, you can wear a gold lapel pin anywhere. From my experience, I’d say wearing them to formal events like dinners, conventions, mixers, etc has had the greatest impact.

  1. You’ll stand out. (In a good way)
  2. If your goal is to network with people, it could be used as an icebreaker. (i.e. “I like your lapel pin! What’s your name?”)
  3. Because these types of lapel pins aren’t worn too often, when you do wear them (say to a nice dinner) it shows that you put effort into your outfit.

Where Can I Find These Types of Lapel Pin?

Right here! Check out our Lapel Pin Collection with many different styles including floral, metal, ties and bow ties

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