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7 Style Tips That Will Help You Look Professional

July 10, 2020 5 min read 2 Comments

7 Style Tips That Will Help You Look Professional

According to research, approximately 81% of men do not know how to dress properly and look professional enough for a formal event.

It may seem that fashion comes easier for men because they have fewer choices to choose from than women, however, this is not the case. Men have such few choices that it can be hard to express their individuality without wearing a plain black suit day in and day out.

The problem is, as a man, how can you look professional and still have your unique style while being at work or formal events?

The last thing you want to do is be "that guy" and embarrass your boss by the way you dressed.

Thankfully, we've created this article with some easy-to-follow style tips to help you look professional. Keep on reading to learn how you can stand out and look sharp at any event.

1. Pay For Dry Cleaning

Understandably, dry cleaning seems like a luxury service because it is. However, if you work in a professional environment, having freshly dry-cleaned suits are essential for looking good.

Move around your budget a bit to see how you can add dry cleaning services, not only will you look sharper, but it will also extend the life of your clothing.

2. Hire A Tailor

Just like women, there are not many men who have the same measurements. This leads to suits not fitting the way they should, which causes you to not look professional enough.

If you just need minor adjustments, this will not cost you very much.

Studies show that first impressions consist of 55% of how we appear, and not what we are saying.

If you work in an environment where looks matter, such as finance, real estate, and any other professional setting, your poorly-fitting suit could cost you your job.

The two most important measurements to account for are your jacket sleeve and pant length. You should be able to button your jacket without any obvious bunching or tightness in the fabric. A professional tailor will be able to ensure you look great in your suits.

3. Have Good Hygiene

If you want to look professional, it all starts with your hygiene. Nothing is more unappealing than a man who has horrible breath and smells bad, especially at a business meeting.

Some tips for good personal hygiene are:

  • Brush your teeth during the day, especially before meetings
  • Use a teeth-whitening kit
  • Wear deodorant
  • Go to the barber before your hair grows out too much
  • Get your eyebrows plucked
  • Deal with your dandruff, if you have any
  • Keep your beard trimmed, if you have one
  • Use Hair product to keep your hair tamed
  • Wear cologne if you have body odor (just don't go overboard with it)

A little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to your hygiene and looking professional.

4. Show Your Personal Style Professionally

Showing your self-expression in your wardrobe can be hard if you work in a professional environment or if you attend formal events. There are ways to express your individuality without going too overboard with your style.

A great way to show off your personality and look professional is to invest in a few colorful matching socks and tie sets.

You can get some with funny animals on them such as flamingos, dinosaurs, or alligators. There are even tie and sock sets to show off your favorite hobbies such as golf, or baseball. These are great conversation starters and even help as ice breakers to help relate to others by displaying your passions.

If those do not appeal to you, you can get some sets with matching bold colors or funky prints, such as polka-dots and pinstripes.

A single suit can be worn in so many different ways, making them a great investment. To ensure you always look fresh you will want a vast selection of accessories to choose from. With the right collection of shirts, ties, pocket squares and tie bars, you will never have to wear the same look twice.

5. Wear Some Accessories

While it is true that men have far fewer options than women when it comes to accessories, that doesn't mean that you should steer away from wearing any!

A few essential accessories for men to look professional are:

A Watch

We do have smartphones that can tell us the time, but nothing looks more professional than a sharp-looking watch on your wrist. Since the beginning of time (pun intended 😉), men have always worn watches as a sign of wealth and power.

This doesn't have to be a $10,000 watch, but it should look like you made an effort.

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are another way to express something that you are passionate about. Whether it be an organization, animal, sport, affiliation, or just ornamental.

They are placed on the left side of your jacket, and come in a few different styles:

  • Butterfly clutch
  • Stick Pin
  • Screw and nut
  • Magnetic Clasp
  • Long stem pins
  • Collar pins

Wear your lapel pins to any formal arrangement and you will be amazed by how many compliments you receive.

A Ring

If you are married, you must wear your wedding ring as a way to show your love for your partner. If you have a tan line of a ring without your ring, people will start to ask questions you do not want to hear.

Beyond wedding rings, you can try wearing pinky or thumb rings. Rings can be difficult to pull off, but when done right they elevate your manliness to new heights.

6. Wear Nice Shoes

There is nothing more horrible than a nice suit with a dirty pair of shoes, especially in a formal environment. Your shoes say a lot about you, and the amount of effort you put into how you look.

Have a few main pairs of shoes to circulate through, including a couple of pairs of dress shoes and loafers. Never, we repeat, never wear running shoes with a suit, or else you will look completely unprofessional.

7. Switch To A Bow-Tie

If you are always wearing ties, switch to wearing a bow-tie once in awhile. Because they are less common, bow ties are an instant sign of confidence and help a man to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

If worn correctly, a bow tie will complement your outfit and bring out the charming dapper within you!

For everything you need to know about bow ties (including how to tie them) check out our ultimate bow tie guide

Learn More About How To Look Professional

There you have it! The complete guide on how to look professional. Whether you work in a professional environment or attend formal events, follow these style tips and you will look sharp and on-point.

If you found this article helpful, join our Dapper Circle and receive exclusive discounts by signing up now!

2 Responses

Jose Guajolote
Jose Guajolote

February 04, 2024

1 through 3 are perfectly sound advice.

4. Absolutely avoid such expressions of individual style in professional situations. Funny animals? Funky prints? Are you a professional or a clown? I agree that these are great conversation starters. The trouble is, the conversation starts after you have left the room.

5. Accessories. No tie clips, lapel pins, collar pins. Just no. French cuffs and cufflinks are not wrong, but can distract. Avoid them. No bracelets and wedding ring only. Thumb ring? Pinky ring? Somebody must be kidding.

6. Shoes. Black lace up Oxfords or cap toes. Period.

7. Bow ties are not wrong, but consider this: you’re in a room full of professionals. Do you want to be the only guy in a bow tie? How many heads of state, diplomats, corporation presidents wear bow ties?

Now, if you want to be taken seriously:

Suits are charcoal gray, dark gray, dark navy. No black suits except at funerals.
If not solid, patterns are subtle but should not be obvious across a room. Suits are two piece, notch lapel. No patch pockets. No trendy skinny fit with puddle jumper pants; no pants cuffs and leg should slightly break on the shoe.

Shirts are white or pale blue pinpoint cotton. Point or spread collar. Never button down. Barrel cuffs are preferable to French cuffs.

Ties are silk foulard with subtle patterns. Classic colors are burgundy, navy, shades of blue, yellow, gray. Purple and green can also work, but avoid bright hues here. Black ties are reserved for funerals and black tie optional events.

This is what the pros wear every day. Do you want to be perceived as a pro?


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