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Bow Tie Sets Are Popular, Why You Will Love Them

December 16, 2021 4 min read

Bow Tie Sets Are Popular, Why You Will Love Them

What if you were missing out on a fashion revolution?

Bow ties and bow tie sets are becoming more popular than ever before. But many overlook this awesome fashion accessory because they don't understand it.

Wondering what the big deal with bow ties really? Keep reading to learn more about why these ties are on the rise!

Why Are Bow Tie Sets Popular Again?

Bow ties are probably more popular now than they have been in the last 50 years. Why, though, are bow tie sets so popular?

Believe it or not, this is largely due to the popularity of the British television show Doctor Who. When Matt Smith starred in the famous role as The Doctor, part of his signature style was that his character wore a bow tie.

Even in the universe of the show, characters were incredulous about the tie. To them, Smith's Doctor always had a simple rebuke: "bow ties are cool!"

Around that time, the BBC reported on the effects Doctor Who had on bow tie sales. They even quoted one retailer whose bow tie sales jumped from 3% to 14% due to the popularity of the show!

Different Styles

Interested in possibly wearing a bow tie? In that case, you should know that no two bow ties are completely alike!

What most people think of as the "traditional" bow tie is actually the butterfly bow (also known as a thistle bow). But there are also diamond-tipped bow ties that make the tie look like a diamond on one side and a kind of loop on the other side.

Batwing bow ties are also known as "straight" bow ties because they look like a straight line. Such a tie is arguably the least popular bow tie in the modern world, but wearing one would definitely let you channel some flashback fashion.

Showing Confidence

So far, we have reviewed why bow ties are popular and the different tie styles you can rock. But here is a more fundamental question: why would you want to wear a bow tie in the first place?

One of the big reasons is to showcase your confidence. Wearing any kind of tie automatically makes you look like a more confident person. And making the rarer choice to wear a bow tie shows that you are confident in your fashion choices.

To really take things to the next level, you can buy a bow tie suspender set. The combination of bow tie and suspenders gives you a stylish and snazzy look as nothing else can!

Man sitting wearing a bow tie in front of bamboo

Standing Apart

There is another simple reason you should keep a few bow ties in your closet. Simply put, this fashion choice helps you to instantly stand out from the crowd!

Obviously, you'll stand out quite a bit compared to someone who is dressed very casually. But even next to others wearing ties, the man wearing a bow tie is a cut above everybody else.

If you really want to stand apart, you can pair your bow tie with some other bold sartorial choices. For example, a bow tie and pocket square set ensure that your button-up shirts and sports coats look good enough for a night at the opera.

Find the Right Setting

When should you wear a bow tie? As much as we love these ties, the truth is that not every situation calls for wearing one.

A bow tie is almost always a good choice for a day at work (more on this in a bit). But bow ties are also a perfect fit for any kind of formal event. From weddings to funerals and every formal event in between, you can't go wrong with a bow tie.

Beyond that, a bow tie is a way to look a bit more formal and stylish at parties. And even outdoor events can be enhanced with a bow tie: just ask everyone who attends the Kentucky Derby each year!

Boost Your Career

You might not believe in those three magic words: "dress for success." But take it from us, your boss is definitely a believer!

Managers and CEOs tend to be big believers in the idea that you should dress for the job you want rather than the job you have. And because of that, stepping up your workplace fashion is always a good idea.

It's tempting to dress down if the rest of your coworkers dress casually. But think of it this way: simply adding a bow tie and suspenders can instantly make you look more formal. This will help get you noticed and may even be the key to promotions and other opportunities.

Onscreen Inspiration

Still not sure how to rock a bow tie? We recommend doing the best kind of research: turning on your television!

In addition to the aforementioned Doctor Who episodes, there are plenty of other fictional bow tie lovers like James Bond. Watching an old Connery-era Bond movie can give you some fashion inspiration. Alternately, you can find some footage online of how Sinatra and the Rat Pack dressed when they performed.

Obviously, you shouldn't feel the need to copy their look exactly. But these famous faces can give you some great ideas when it comes to wearing a bow tie for the first time.

Try It On for Size

At the end of the day, there is only one way to find out if bow ties are for you. And that is to buy some bow tie sets and try them on for size!

Not every person loves wearing bow ties, and not every situation calls for these ties. But you'll never know about the world of fashion possibilities available to you until you don a bow tie and discover how it transforms your entire look.

Your Next Fashion Move

Now you know why you need to invest in some bow tie sets. But do you know who can help give your sense of fashion a makeover?

At Art of the Gent, we specialize in helping gentlemen to look their very best. To see how we can help you find the best bow ties on the market, contact us today!


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