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7 Wedding Tie Trends to Follow in 2024

January 22, 2023 9 min read

Groom and Groomsmen together

Looking for the perfect wedding tie and accessories for your 2024 wedding?

In this guide, we'll take a look at what's trending in wedding ties and wedding accessories for 2024. Which items are perfect for your big day? Keep reading to find out!

2024 Wedding Tie Trends

Before we dive into wedding tie trends for 2024, we first must talk about wedding trends that are happening overall this year.

Wedding colors

Ah yes! Wedding colors, one of the most quintessential parts of planning a wedding. Before you even proposed, got proposed to or knew someone that has gotten proposed to; please understand that this was already decided probably from the first day you or someone you know met their significant other.

Enough blabbering, let's get into TWO of the colors trending in 2024.

Shades of Green

The color that soothes the eye; the color that your dad loves the most when he opens the door and stares at his grass. This color is always a great choice when planning a wedding; whether it be one of the main colors or an accent.

Within green, you'll have a few options that work in almost any season, colors such as olive, sage, forest green etc. 

Here are some great tie recommendations to wear to weddings; not only for the wedding party; but for wedding guests as well.

Neutral and earth tones

Another popular shade of colors for weddings, especially later in the year are neutral and earth tones. These colors go really well with the change in seasons; think cooler weather and pumpkin spice!

Popular colors in this category would consist of brown, beige, champagne, rust, etc.

These are ties that work well for weddings in the later seasons of the year.

Tie Width

Now that we have touched on some wedding trends happening in 2024, let's briefly talk about necktie widths, what sizes are in style and how to choose the perfect necktie width.

Currently tie sizes usually range between 2.25 inches to 3.5 inches wide.

Choosing a size depends on different factors, which could include factors like your body type or the build of your suit.

Skinny ties

Skinny wedding ties are somewhere in the vicinity of 2.25 inches and 2.75 inches. Common skinny tie widths are around 2.25 inches to 2.5 inches.

For suits: These ties are best paired with suits that have a thin lapel.

For body types: We suggest that people with a narrow frame and/or an athletic build wear these ties.

Ofcourse, you can do whatever you want. 

Are Skinny Ties in Style 2024?

Skinny wedding ties are absolutely still in style, especially for celebratory events. Paired with a nice fitted suit; they can have compliments coming faster and lasting longer than your next paycheck.

Slim ties

Slim wedding ties can often be mixed up with skinny ties. There's not really a hard fast rule at what width skinny ties are and slim ties are.

We consider slim ties to be between 2.5 and 3.0 inches wide.

For suits: These ties can be best paired with suits that have a thin lapel or regular lapel.

For body types: This tie is extremely popular in 2024, because it's a safe medium for all body types. Whether you want to wear a skinny, slim or traditional tie. You can definitely pull this off.

Are Slim Ties in Style in 2024?

Slim wedding ties stay in style because they're a safe medium for all body types and they don't usually lend themselves to be a "better fit" on any type of body.

Meaning they don't look vastly better on a slimmer or wider body.

Traditional Ties

Traditional wedding ties, which have other names such as classic fit ties or just wide ties are the wider ties we see in the modern world.

We consider traditional ties to be between 3.25 and 3.5 inches wide.

For suits: These ties can be best paired with suits that have a regular or wide lapel.

For body types: These wedding ties work well with body types that are on the average to wider frame range. Believe it or not, these ties are popular and in as well. These ties aren't as popular as the slim and skinny ties in 2024, however they do have a strong community built around people who appreciate fashion from prior generations.


Believe it or not, yes - these wedding ties are in style or it may be more accurate to say that there is a great appreciation and following for the wider tie in today's world. 

With more people finding joy in dressing up; not for work but for character enrichment, we see people with all types of frames donning ties. A trend we've noticed is that people with wider frames also enjoy dressing up and they may choose to wear a wider tie. In addition to that, more seasoned generations of gentlemen and women will also opt for wider ties.

2024 Wedding Tie Trends

Now that we've discussed wedding trends and tie trends, let's move onto wedding tie trends in 2024. 

Let's start off with the basic tie trends then get into the different tie patterns.

Wedding Tie Set

Something not so common but that's starting to gain traction, especially from what we've been observing is that people are getting more comfortable with getting pre-made tie sets for a wedding; whether it's for the groom, groomsmen or wedding guests. 

Tie sets provide relief when wedding planning because it takes the burden off of the wedding party to research and pair accessories together, especially when options and combinations become overwhelming.

Solid Color Wedding Ties

Among the most popular choices for grooms, groomsmen and wedding guests are solid color ties

There's no rule that says your wedding tie must be patterned. 

When choosing a solid color wedding tie, if you're the groom or in the groom's party, matching the dress of the bride/bridesmaids is a great option. It doesn't have to be the exact color or shade but if it compliments well, then it gets the job done!

You can also rock a classic solid-colored tie and jazz it up with a patterned pocket square or tie pin (more on those later).

Floral Wedding Ties

Talk about a wedding trend; floral designs are always in fashion, 

Great for weddings in any season; brighter colors in the warmer seasons and more subtle colors in the cooler weather.

Get on board with one of our beautiful floral wedding ties for your big day.

Make a bold statement with a coral or cherry hue, or keep it subtle with a pale blue or cream background. You can choose from large standout prints or a more subtle floral pattern—the choice is up to you.

Knit Wedding Ties

Knit ties provide deep versatility to your wardrobe because they can be worn with many standard suit options and still capture the attention of others. 

These wedding ties are an excellent option for weddings in cooler weather. 

Paisley Wedding Ties

You might associate paisley with Scotland, but the pattern actually dates back to ancient India and Persia. Symbolizing luck, fertility, and eternity, paisley is another classic choice for your wedding tie.

Polka Dot Wedding Ties

If florals or paisleys are too over-the-top for you, perhaps you're more of a polka dot person.

Sophisticated yet subtle, polka dot wedding ties strike a good balance between standing out and blending in.

Striped Wedding ties

A man can never have too many striped ties, so why not add one more to your collection?

A striped wedding tie will make you look dashing on your wedding day, and you're sure to keep wearing it long after. Choose from subtle pinstripes that are only visible up-close, or attract attention with brighter strips of color.

Plaid Wedding Ties

If perfect symmetry is your style, you can't go wrong with a classic plaid or checkered print. 

Our plaid wedding ties are available in blues, reds, browns, and creams.

Wedding Bow Ties

Let's not forget another classic style that's come back in recent years—the bowtie. Give yourself and your groomsmen a distinguished look with one of our eye-catching wedding bowties.

They're available in many of the same patterns and colors listed above, so you won't have any shortage of great options to choose from.

Are bow ties in style in 2024?

Even though they are worn a lot less frequently than ties; bow ties are definitely in style too.

The reason why we don't see as many people wear bow ties as ties is because they require a lot of effort to tie them.

Even though they do come pre-tied; people opt not to wear them because the pretied versions are symmetrical, which is an intricacy enjoyed when bow ties are self tie bow ties. 

Wedding Accessories

Your wedding tie isn't the only accessory that (pardon the pun) ties your outfit together. To complete your dapper look, consider some of the items listed below.

Pocket Squares

A pocket square is indispensable for any man of style, especially on his wedding day. It's the distinguishing mark that separates the "gents" from the ordinary men.

The origin of the pocket square dates back to ancient Greece (or even ancient Egypt, by some accounts). Traditionally they were used to symbolize wealth, loyalty, and devotion—not a bad message to send on your wedding day!

You have two options with your pocket square: an exact match with your tie, or a complementary color or pattern. If you've chosen a green floral tie, you might select a solid green pocket square. Or, if you're wearing a solid tie, a patterned pocket square could be the perfect accent piece to complete your look.

Note: Society says you shouldn't match your pocket square with your tie, but we say - do what feels right to you. Fashion can be an expression of who you are.


Once the ceremony is over and the jackets come off, you'll be spending plenty of time on the dance floor. Suspenders aren't just a fun fashion statement—they also serve the practical purpose of keeping your pants where they're supposed to be!

Our suspenders come in a variety of bright colors to complement your wedding tie and other accessories. Of course, you can never go wrong with classic black either.

Tie Bars

We highly recommend adding atie bar or tie clip to enhance your outfit for the day.

A tie bar or tie clips main function is to hold your wedding tie in place, however we shouldn't stop there. Let's add the functionality of keeping your tie in place while looking good too. 

Bonus tip: These aren't just great for the groom. Tie bars make a terrific gift for your groomsmen, father-in-law, and other important attendees.

Are Tie Clips in Style in 2024?

Absolutely. Period. We should just leave it there but we won't, we'll add some more context.

Tie bars, while they are definitely functional in the respect that they keep your tie in place; they also add to a person's style. Depending on the occasion, this accessory can definitely set you apart. 

Tie bars should be and can be worn whenever you wear a tie. Wearing a tie bar to formal events can add a level of elegance to your overall presences with little to no effort. 

However make sure to wear them correctly or you'll miss an opportunity to look dapper.

essential tie bars

next level tie bars


We can't complete our discussion about men's wedding fashion without mentioning cufflinks. To tap into your inner James Bond, you need a pair of stylish cufflinks.

Choose one of the following styles:

  • Anchor
  • Lock and key
  • Flat knot
  • Helm
  • Scissors
  • Deer
  • Polished block

With your cufflinks in place, you'll be ready to walk down the aisle and celebrate your wedding day in style.

Which Wedding Ties Will You Choose

Whether you've had to postpone your wedding or you're planning a 2024 wedding all along, this style guide will help with your planning efforts.

Make a statement with a paisley or floral print, or keep it classic with a solid color or a dapper bowtie. Don't forget the matching pocket squares and suspenders. Finally, complete your look with a trendy lapel pin and a pair of standout cufflinks.

Are you ready to pick out the perfect wedding tie and accessories for you and your groomsmen?Click here to visit our online wedding shop and browse our complete collection.