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What's Our Story?

With backgrounds in Corporate America and Real Estate, our founders met in an office setting of unique styles with a passion to dress well. What started as a sartorial reflection in style turned into a friendly feud of dapper bouts. This inspired many to follow suit and inquire where we curated our unique styles. We found it difficult to advise others of a go to shop that carried our clothing and accessories fitting our personalities and styles.
We decided to create that outlet for individuals who aspire to The Gentleman moniker. We believe that the way you dress relates to the way you feel. If you look good, you feel good and you do good, success stems from this core foundation. With our collective passions to create trends, inspire others, dress well, and lead the example of The Gentleman we bring to you Art of the Gentleman.

Cruelty Free Initiative

Becoming a gentleman, a true gentleman means extending your compassion beyond you and yours and helping others outside of your circle.

So we're doing our part for animals.

We proudly sell animal-free products because we believe all beings deserve compassion.

No Wool | No Leather | No Suede | No Silk | No Fur