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8 Stylish Tips for Casually Wearing a Knit Tie

September 04, 2020 5 min read

8 Stylish Tips for Casually Wearing a Knit Tie

Did you know that in this past decade, over 60% of companies allow their employees to wear business casual in the office? Business casual clothing is less formal than traditional business attire. But it still maintains a level of professionalism required in office environments.

Women can wear open-toed shoes and more casual tops. Men can wear short-sleeved button-down shirts and semi-formal pants. A great way for men to dress down formal attire is with a knit tie.

Knit ties are a less popular choice in men's wardrobe. If you're looking to expand your wardrobe and learn how to dress a knit tie, read on! In this article, we give you eight stylish tips for dressing up a knit tie.

1. Why Have A Knit Tie?

Knit ties are similar to traditional ties in many ways but can still be a unique fashion statement. Knit ties are first knitted flat then put on a wooden panel to get their shape. Finally, manufacturers steam and sew them together in the back by hand.

Knit ties are more commonly made of silk. Sometimes, manufacturers combine it with wool, cashmere, and cotton for seasonal outfits. Most knit ties have solid colors, but its knitted pattern can make it look like it has horizontal stripes.

Knit ties can come in two textures: soft and crunchy. Soft knit ties are smooth and floppy. Crunchy knit ties have a more dense and stiffer structure that squeaks if you pinch or rub the fabric.

A knit tie is a great wardrobe option for dressing down traditional business attire. Still, many people don't see the appeal of having a knit tie. But a knit tie can be a useful tie variant to have in your wardrobe.

Here are some reasons why you should add a knit tie to your tie selection.


Most people feel overdressed when they wear a tie. But knit ties come with a pliant material that turns it into an easy-going and casual accessory. Having a knit tie in your collection allows you to compose an attire that is less rigid, but still put together.

Travel-Friendly Tie

Unlike other tie variants, knit ties are resistant to getting wrinkles. These are great accessories for last-minute occasions or business meetings. Your knit ties won't have any creases when you arrive at your destination.

Rich and Unique Texture

Knit ties come with finely woven fabric with deep texture. If you want to add a unique detail to your outfit, a knit tie can be a great choice! It allows you to make a statement without coming off too loud.

2. How To Choose A Knit Tie

If this is your first time buying a knit tie, we recommend you get a solid color. Try neutral colored knit ties that don't crease or wrinkle like other tie variants. When you're comfortable, feel free to look for more vibrant colors or patterns.

Looking for some high-quality knit ties? Come check out our selection of knit ties! Keep reading to find out some great tips on how to wear a knit tie.

3. Choose The Right Width

Silk ties come in a wide range of widths, from kipper to skinny ties. But for a knit tie variant, the ideal width is 2 inches. This is a bit more narrow than a traditional business tie because knitted ties are a consistent width throughout the entire length.

Its flat and square bottom also makes it look less formal. This allows you to wear a knit tie in a casual or business environment. Its sleek shape enables it to look like a more modern accessory.

4. Choose The Right Knot

Knit ties tend to be slimmer than other tie variants. They also come with more malleable fabric. To wear a knit tie, we recommend you to use a small knot like a four-in-hand knot or a simple knot.

Anything other than a four-in-hand knot can make the knot look bulky. An asymmetric look can complement the tie's fabric. We also recommend you to choose a more purposeful collar when wearing knit ties.

The straight collar or button-down is the most ideal choice for knit ties. These tops have narrower spreads that are better for small knots. Avoid using spread or cutaway collars.

5. Season Your Neckwear

Knit ties are great accessories for any time of the year. Summer months are great for light pastel colors like baby pink, sky blue, or mint green.

Cold months like autumn or winter are best for deep and dark colors. Try wearing navy, gray, purple, and burgundy knit ties. For a more wintery texture, look out for knit ties with thicker weave.

6. Choose The Right Patterns

Black knit ties are a classic design to have in your collection. If you choose patterns, consider dotted ties. Handwoven dots in knit ties are a great choice for patterned ties because of their intricate designs.

Other great patterns for knit ties include horizontal lines and zig-zag patterns. Since knit ties already have loud textures, keep your patterned knit tie choices simple. Limit your selection to only two to three mixed colors.

7. Choose The Right Accents

Pair your knit tie with the right accent. Classic wrist watches with a metal or leather band are a great choice for simple occasions. Complete your look with a pocket square in your blazer pocket and a tie bar to keep things tidy.

8. Dress For The Occasion

Knit ties are great choices for business casual attire. But for more formal attires, limit your knit tie choices to muted solid colors. Add a dash of boldness to your attire by wearing vibrant colored knit ties.

Dress to Your Body Type

A good tie is only part of the equation to completing a great attire. Use the proper fit when choosing a suit to wear to an interview, meeting, or special occasion. Tailor your suit according to your body type.

Wear A Knit Tie in Style!

A knit tie can be a great addition to your tie collection if you know how to wear it right. They might not be your typical choice but with these tips, you can still look stylish and fashionable! Check out our collection of knit tie sets to make looking good easy.

But why stop with knitted ties? Contact us today to get your knit tie and more great products for men's fashion.

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