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Necessary Suit Accessories: Great Tie Sets 101

October 02, 2020 4 min read

Necessary Suit Accessories: Great Tie Sets 101

Did you know that, contrary to society’s expectations, men spend more money and time on shopping than women? On average, they spend $10 more each month on clothes and accessories; it’s a small difference but it tells a lot.

That means they are paying as much attention to their looks and outfits. Many can still be a little lost on fashion trends, though.

Suits, in particular, can be hard to accessorize as not all men wear daily or even on occasion. If you’re one of those who aren’t sure what suit accessories you must have, check out our list below and browse our selection of tie sets guaranteed to help you look your best.

1. Ties

The first suit accessory every gentleman must have is a quality, matching tie. It seems like a no-brainer, but some people don’t know how to pick the right tie for their suit.

It should coordinate – not clash – with your attire. You can choose a bright color or a patterned one if you want to as long as it matches with your suit.

Ties don’t limit your fashion choices. And if you’re not comfortable making fashion decisions, you can still rely on a tie to make your outfit complete. It’s the least you should wear if you’re not too keen on the idea of suit accessories.

You can also consider bow ties as an alternative to neckties. They’re great for casual and formal settings, as well.

2. Tie Clip

A tie set isn’t complete without a tie clip, which helps keep the tie neatly in place. It helps you go about in a party without having to worry if your tie is dipping into the sauce.

Remember that a tie clip is more for function, though. If you already have a vest on, do away with the clip as it’s no longer needed. It won’t add anything to your look aside from confusion.

Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to its design. It adds a classic look and it makes your outfit look more solid.

A few tips to keep in mind: match it well with your tie and the rest of your outfit and don’t pick a style that’s wider than your tie.

3. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are the prime example of how something so small can have a massive effect. Yet, many men continue to underestimate them due to their size.

Cufflinks do more than put together your cuffs; they make your entire outfit look put together. They exude sophistication and elegance; there’s no doubt they look much better than button cuffs.

Still, they’re not too over the top, so they’re perfect for men who want to show off but only for a bit. Men can show some attitude through their cufflinks, and if some may think they look flashy, the problem might be that they don’t know how to choose the right pair.

4. Lapel Pin

Lapel pins aren’t a necessity; your outfit will still look complete without it. Still, if you feel that your outfit is lacking texture and dimension, get some lapel pins.

You can choose from a lot of lapel pin styles, from long-stem pins to a boutonniere. They can be bold or subtle, unique or classic, creative or vintage.

It adds an old-world appeal to your outfit and creates a delicate interest. It still has its place in modern times, though, you only have to know how to style it right.

A classic boutonniere is for black-tie events, for instance. For less formal gatherings, you can have fun and choose one that contrasts against your suit so that it pops out.

5. Suspenders

Suspenders are an icon of the 1800s, and it has since been in and out of fashion. People tend to alternate between this type of suit accessory and belts. Today, both are acceptable, but trendy people tend to lean toward suspenders.

Suspenders do an important job of keeping your pants where they should be. They also have the added benefit of preventing the shirt from bunching up.

They can be a fashion element, too. They will show when you take off your jacket, so make sure it coordinates with your outfit.

Pick a color that matches well with your pants and contrasts with your shirt. You don’t want it to be in the same color as your innerwear as it will blend in.

6. Pocket Square

Pocket squares are a low-effort way of adding a chic factor to your outfit, whether you’re wearing a suit or a blazer. It’s an easy way to upgrade your look subtly.

Colorful and intricate patterns can create an interesting visual effect. It can provide a much-needed pop of color and a touch of your personality. Still, a classy white pocket square in the “Newsreader” fold will never go out of style.

Have fun with it or keep it simple. Whatever you go for, it should still form a harmonious look.

You can have it match with your tie, but it’s not a rule. You only have to make it so they don’t clash and they still look like two parts of one whole outfit.

7. Socks

Don’t think socks add too much to your whole outfit? Try wearing mismatched socks and see how incohesive your outfit looks. They affect your look more than you think even if most of them go under your shoes and pants.

You can never go wrong with black socks, but why not make it interesting by adding some other color. Red and blue in deep hues are popular, although you can choose any other color you want.

You can even buy colorful ones or those with exciting designs. They will make you stand out, but ensure that it’s in a good way. It still has to match with your whole outfit.

Buy Quality Suit Accessories

One last thing about suit accessories — buy only high-quality ones. Although they’re small, they won’t go unnoticed. Low-quality ones can destroy your whole look, even if you have the fanciest suit on.

Check out our variety of quality products and sets. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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