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Ultimate Grooms Guide To Tie Bars

January 12, 2021 4 min read 1 Comment

Ultimate Grooms Guide To Tie Bars

Looking for a simple, classic accessory that adds instant sophistication to any outfit?

The understated tie bar is a must. While many men have realized its universal appeal, there's still a bit of mystery around the correct way to wear it.

That's why we're here!

Today, we're answering the question, "What is a tie bar?" We'll also break down exactly how to rock one the right way, so you're the best-dressed guy in any room.

What Is A Tie Bar?

Let's start with the basics.

Many times, when you purchase a tie set, you know what to expect. You get the tie itself, along with a pocket square and sometimes, a lapel pin.

In other sets, you'll find an elongated metal clip. This is a tie bar.

Also known as a tie clip, this bar is designed to affix your tie to the front of your dress shirt. This way, your tie stays in place without swinging back and forth as you move around. A tie bar also keeps your tie straight and in position, so you never look disheveled.

In recent years, these accessories have seen a resurgence in popularity. Now, men everywhere are interested in bringing back Old Hollywood glamour, and tie bars are unquestionably cool.

How To Choose One

Interested in investing in a few tie bars to complement your tie collection? Want to rock a sleek one for your big day? Let's take a look at how to make the right pick.

Narrow By Occassion

Tie bars are an appropriate addition to any formal occasion. They're also a simple way to elevate a dress shirt and a pair of nice jeans. When shopping for one, keep your upcoming events in mind.

Tying the knot soon? You'll find a wide variety of tie bars in our online Wedding Shop. Our Wedding Tie Bars are meant to showcase your personality while still remaining subdued and classy.

Take our Anchor Tie Bar, for instance. This metal clip would be perfect for seaside nuptials! It would also look great on any fisherman who wants to pay homage to his favorite pastime when he gets dressed up.

In addition, you can also find solid-colored tie bars that can tie in with your wedding colors. From Pink Tie Bars to dark olive and gold varieties, we offer more than a dozen different shades - so you're sure to find the perfect one.

Narrow By Design

You can also find the perfect tie bar by considering the symbols and designs that are the most important to you.

Are you a barber by trade? Take a look at Barber Shears Tie Bar. At the same time, any man with the need for speed will love our Race Car Tie Bar!

Especially when the rest of your ensemble is straight-laced and serious, these are a simple but fun way to inject a little personality into your wardrobe.

How To Wear A Tie Bar

Now that you know how they function and what they look like, let's get into the most important part: how to wear a tie bar!

Step 1: Know Your Clasp Style

There are two primary styles of tie bars: pinch clasp bars and slide clasp bars. The first step in wearing yours the right way is knowing which type you have.

The tie bars in our collection feature a unique double clasping system that ensures they'll stay in place all day or all night long. In general, pinch clasp bars are best-suited for thicker fabrics, while slide clasps are universal and accommodate most standard ties.

Step 2: Size It Right

Remember this tip: Your tie bar should never be wider than your tie.

To look the best, it should be either the exact width of your tie or come within one inch of it. Ideally, look for one that's approximately 3/4 the overall width of your tie.

Otherwise, it could look disproportional and throw the whole look off. The purpose of your tie bar is to be the subtle "wink" of your outfit. It shouldn't steal the show, and an oversized one could threaten to do so.

Step 3: Find the Perfect Placement

Finding the right tie bar placement is critical. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to position yours too high or too low on your upper body.

Finding the correct placement is surprisingly easy.

If you fasten it between the third and fourth buttons on your dress shirt, it should hit at the perfect spot. This will position it right on top of your sternum, and right below your pectoral muscles. The bar should be perpendicular to your tie and should never be positioned vertically or at an angle.

It should go without saying, but keep in mind that the tie bar doesn't just attach to the tie itself. Rather, it fastens both the front and back end of your tie to your shirt placket.

Step 4: Maximize Your Look

Want to add a little flair to your tie bar? Right before you clasp it into place, pull your tie slightly upward, blousing it out just a little.

This way, your tie is allowed to stand out a little, giving it the attention it deserves. Plus, it gives you some wiggle room, so you don't feel as though the tie bar is restricting your movements.

Shop Our Wide Collection Of Ties And Accessories

What is a tie bar? It's the perfect addition to your growing tie collection, and a piece that you'll wear again and again. Now, you know exactly how to wear one!

Whether you're preparing for your big day, a big interview, or any big moment in between, we have plenty of items to make your look extra special. From neckties and bowties to socks and suspenders, we're your one-stop shop for every formal occasion.

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April 05, 2024

Thanks for sharing this ultimate guide to tie bars! As a groom-to-be, I’ve been navigating through the maze of wedding accessories, and understanding the significance of a Tie Bar is crucial. It’s amazing how such a small accessory can elevate the entire look, adding that touch of sophistication and polish.

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