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How To Wear Lapel Pins - 5 Fabulous Fashion Choices

November 23, 2020 4 min read

How To Wear Lapel Pins - 5 Fabulous Fashion Choices

Do you have a collection of suit lapel pins that you don’t wear often? Do you feel unsure about how you can wear lapel pins without looking terrible or old-fashioned? Below, we’ve got a guide on how to wear pins.

First impressions are vital factors in gaining the interest of the right people. The ways you speak and use your body language are vital factors in making a good first impression. Another important factor is how you dress, especially if you’re looking to secure a job.

Here, we will discuss how wearing lapel pins can help improve first impressions. We’ll also discuss how you’d want to wear them to be more memorable and create an impact. Keep reading to learn about five fabulous fashion choices to make with lapel pins.

1. Bold Color Choices Are Great Conversation Starters

Before we get to the subject of how to wear lapel pins, let’s talk about some splendid fashion choices with them. We begin with color choice.

Wearing a three-piece suit in bold colors alone gets people’s attention. However, not every occasion calls for a bright red or deep purple suit. To get the attention of potential business ventures, you may need the power of subtlety.

If this is the case, opt for a lapel pin in bold colors instead. This is a great touch for those who must wear black or grey suits at formal or semi-formal events. Wearing a vibrant pop of color on your lapel can help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Create a Layered Look With Your Lapel Pin

Are you going to a less formal daytime event? Do you want to better express yourself with your clothes and accessories? Creating layers is a great way to give your smart casual look an attractive boost.

In this case, you may even want to consider wearing two lapel pins. Or one can be a boutonniere and the other a simpler type of lapel pin. How you layer and match your pins will depend on you. If you want to see the different lapel pins that you can use for this style and others, click the link.

3. Go Formal With Floral Pins

Adding flower lapel pins on suits is a smart way to turn a plain formal suit into a tasteful one. You can use a boutonniere or a long-stem pin for this style.

A floral lapel pin is a good choice for any occasion.

You can pin use a white rose pin on your suit for a black-tie evening. If you’re going for a semi-formal date, you can pin your date’s favorite blooms onto your suit to impress her. You can even pin the bud of a bride’s favorite flower on her wedding day when you attend as a guest.

Floral pins contrast well against dark suits. Black is the best color for suits, especially if your floral lapel pin has a light color. If you pin real flowers to your suit, they also look good against its black or dark cloth.

4. Metal Pins Make Simple Yet Interesting Embellishments

Do you often wear jewelry like gold rings or necklaces? Do you plan to wear metallic cufflinks to go with your suit? Metal lapel pins and metallic jewelry make a simple yet stylish combination.

If you want a simpler yet interesting look, you can also go for this style of wearing lapel pins. These metal pins can come in the form of badges, logos, or flags. They look good when matched with metal jewelry, especially if the pin’s metallic color shows.

Because of the pandemic, the demand for gold jewelry sank by 39% for the first quarter of 2020. If you don’t wear jewelry or cufflinks made of precious metals, don’t worry. You can also pair a metal lapel pin with shirts or suits that have buttons in the colors of precious metals.

5. Keep It Tonal for a Subtler Impression

You don’t always have to contrast a men’s lapel pin against the color of your suit. If it’s your first time to wear a lapel pin, you may opt for a subtler choice while you get used to it. For this style, you can pick complementary colors like blues and greens.

You can also pick colors that have the same shade. Be careful about a lapel pin that blends into the suit. This can defeat the purpose of wearing a lapel in.

If you want a guide, use the color wheel. Pick colors that sit next to each other on the wheel. For example, you can take a purple lapel pin and pin it on a navy blue suit for a tonal look.

Don’t forget to add a neutral shade to anchor the whole look.

How to Wear Lapel Pins

First, make sure that you know the correct lapel pin placement. A lapel pin must always sit on the wearer’s left lapel, above the pocket square. It’s also best to attach the lapel pin or its stem through the lapel’s buttonhole.

If your suit doesn’t have one, you can pin it through the material instead. Be careful when you do this for suits with delicate fabrics. The hole you create can disappear after cleaning as long as you take out the pin with care and caution.

If you don’t want to risk ruining a good suit, you can get a tailor to sew a thread onto the back of the lapel instead. When you wear the pin, you use this thread to hold the lapel pin in place. This way, you won’t have to push a pin through the fabric and create a hole in it.

Wear Your Lapel Pins With Confidence and Style

That ends our guide on how to wear lapel pins. We hope you enjoyed the five fabulous fashion styles for wearing lapel pins. We also hope you learned something valuable fashion-wise from this guide.

Can’t find the perfect lapel pin for a once-in-a-lifetime special occasion? We can help you with that and more. Let us know about any questions you have right here!

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