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Seersucker Watermelon Pocket Square

Our pocket squares are made of 100% imported cotton fabric. Some people say you should match your tie or bow tie to your pocket square; others say they shouldn't match. We say as long as you add that extra pop to your jacket pocket, who cares. You’re gonna look good whether is matches or not. Gentleman facts. With the Seersucker Watermelon Pocket Square you’ll add that extra flare that completes the look of the modern gentleman, even without a tie or bow tie. We guarantee your satisfaction with our free refund policy.*

Goes Good With: Blue, Navy, Green, Pink
Material: Cotton
Size: 9.0in x 9.0in (23cm x 23cm)
Color: Watermelon
Pattern: Seersucker

Don’t leave your jacket plain. Throw something in your pocket to square out your look with our Seersucker Watermelon Pocket Square.

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