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8 Floral Ties The Man in Your Life Will Love

October 02, 2020 4 min read

8 Floral Ties The Man in Your Life Will Love

Do you always wear boring ties? Are you stuck in a rut of solid ties or maybe an occasional striped tie? If you answered yes, it's time to change things up.

Why not consider a floral tie?

Whether you're going to a wedding, a business meeting, or on a hot date, a floral tie is a classy accessory for every occasion. You can go big and bold, muted and understated, or even change it up with a floral bow tie. Here are 8 different ways to spice up your tie game with florals.

1. Red Floral Ties

Red is the color of passion and power. A red floral tie is a smart choice for any occasion and any season. For the spring, a red tie with cherry blossoms, for summer a red tie with bright, splashy colors, for fall a red tie with other warm tones, and for winter, a red tie with different shades of red flowers will suit you well through the holiday season.

The nice thing about a red tie is that it's versatile and can be worn with any color of suit, from black to gray to navy.

2. Blue or Navy Floral Ties

Did you know that blue is considered the most trustworthy color? If you want to put out those vibes, pick a blue floral tie for a job interview, a date, or a business meeting.

This probably explains the popularity of blue ties. Go to any store that sells ties, and chances are you'll see more blue ones than any other color. Blue is versatile and whether you prefer light blue or a darker shade like midnight or navy, it is a classic addition to any suit.

3. Pink Floral Ties

A pink floral tie is a unique choice for a wedding, birthday, or a summery occasion. Pink is also the color for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is during October, so you can incorporate a pink floral tie into your October wardrobe to support cancer survivors.

Pink represents love and affection and is thought to have a calming effect. This makes pink ties a great choice if you want to come across as approachable, calm, and levelheaded. It's also a great way to color coordinate with your partner if you are attending a wedding or party and they choose a red or pink-hued outfit.

4. Black Floral Ties

Black ties symbolize power, elegance, authority, and control. Wear it to a business meeting or job interview to portray these qualities, to a wedding, or even to a funeral.

You can keep it subdued, with small flowers in white or shades of black and gray, or go bright and bold with flowers to match the season. Stick with a black or gray suit with a black tie. A black floral tie is an easy way to match your date's outfit as well.

5. Green Floral Ties

Green is the color of money, of course, but it's also a color that signifies adulthood, safety, well-being, and trustworthiness. Paired with a gray, black, or navy suit, a green tie can have a calming effect. Opt for a green floral tie for a date, at work, or a party.

You can also go green to represent being environmentally friendly or for Earth Day. A green tie can signify your company's commitment to sustainability and environmental causes.

Green is a versatile choice, as you can go with light or mint green, bright kelly green, or keep it dark with hunter or forest green. No matter your preference, there is a green shade to suit everyone.

6. White Floral Ties

White ties are the required neckwear for formal white-tie events, like weddings, balls, or galas. A white silk tie looks best with white embroidered flowers and will meet the white-tie requirements of your events. White symbolizes purity and perfection and you'll often see a white tie on the groom at a wedding.

White ties look sharp with black suits but you can also opt for navy or dark gray. If you pair your white tie with a white shirt, make sure the shades match. You don't want to have a bright white tie with a dingy shirt.

7. Floral Skinny Tie

Skinny ties are ones that are 2.5 inches in length or less. If you have wide shoulders or a big chest, a skinny tie is a good choice as it doesn't add bulk. Floral skinny ties look best with a slim-cut suit that has narrow lapels. A skinny floral tie is a fashion-forward choice and changes things up while still looking formal.

8. Floral Bow Ties

Florals aren't limited to regular neckties! Why not try out a floral bow tie for your next event? Because they are small, a smaller floral print works best on bow ties. That way, you get to see more of the print.

Bow ties are appropriate for parties, weddings, even the office.

How To Style A Floral Tie

Floral ties look best with solid suits. You don't want to mix too many patterns, so stick to a solid color. For the shirt, you can branch out from a solid color, but don't go too bold. A small check or light stripe works with a floral tie, but a floral shirt and a floral tie might be too much pattern.

If you're usually more conservative and a floral tie is a big step for you, choose a white shirt and start small with your florals. You don't need to go big and bold right away. Work your way up to brighter and more colorful prints.

Floral Ties For Every Season

Floral ties are perfect for every occasion, all year long. Depending on the season, you can change up the colors to fit in with the time of year. Think pink for spring and burgundy and red for fall and winter. Summer is everything in between.

If you're ready to elevate your tie game, check out our sets. From neck ties to bow ties to socks, we've got something for every event you need a tie for.

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