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Knitted Ties: How to Tie One and 10 Events To Wear Them To

October 23, 2020 4 min read 1 Comment

Knitted Ties: How to Tie One and 10 Events To Wear Them To

Is your style in need of an adult upgrade? Don't worry, we have got you covered! Knitted ties add a touch of formality and a lot of flair to any closet.

We are going to dive into all things knit ties, from how to tie one to which ones you need in your wardrobe today.

Let's get started now!

What Is A Knit Tie

A men's knit tie is different than your standard necktie. These types of ties are knitted to be straight on both sides and usually flat at the bottom rather than pointed.

The knit tie is the same width from top to bottom, unlike the standard necktie which generally widens at the bottom.

How To Tie A Knitted Tie

Ties have been worn since the 17th century, yet somehow, many people still have not mastered the art of tying the tie. While there are a variety of ways to tie your knitted tie, we are going to focus on a simple and standard knot that you will be able to master with ease.

Let's take a look at these simple steps so you can tie like a pro.

1. Lift your shirt collar and drape your knit tie over your shoulders.

2. Have the tie facing out with the left side hanging on one side of your chest and the right side on the other side of your chest with the left side hanging lower than the right side.

3. Bring the left side of the tie over the right side and then repeat.

4. Pull the longer left side up and in between your shirt and the loop around your neck.

5. Put the longer left side in between the loop that you created and pull it down, adjusting it accordingly.

There are many situations where you should wear a tie. These simple steps will ensure that you are ready whenever the time comes.

The Knitted Tie: A Style Guide

Knitted ties stand out above the rest. They are unique and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Let's take a look at some occasions where a Knit tie is a great option and which tie to choose.

1. Prom

Prom is a youthful right of passage for young gentlemen and ladies. Wearing a knit tie is a great way to stand out and show your style at your prom. Consider choosing a bold pattern or color to stand out in the crowd.

2. Wedding

Choosing a knit tie for your wedding ceremony is a classy way to impress your guests and your new spouse. Opt for a solid color knit tie with a floral pocket square like this option to add a little flair to your tuxedo or suit on the big day.

3. Business Meeting

While knit ties can be fun with interesting and bold colors and patterns, you will want to choose a more professional knit tie for your business attire.

Many knit ties are flat at the end; however, others are pointed at the end like a traditional necktie. These pointed knit ties are great for the office or business meetings.

4. Date Night

Date night is a great time to try out a new knit tie. You can dress up a classic button-down shirt or add a blazer for extra formality.

If your shirt is patterned or has bold designs, then consider a solid knit tie. If your shirt is a plain solid color then a fun pattern is a good option when choosing your tie.

5. Holiday Party

A holiday party is a perfect excuse to show off your inner gentleman. Paring your knit tie with a tweed jacket is a classic style combination. Knit ties not only add class to an outfit, but they also add texture and dimension to a look that only shines more with a classy tweed overcoat.

6. Day to Night

Knit ties are incredibly versatile, and a knit tie set is a great option for taking your look from casual daytime attire to a polished evening look. For your day time style, a simple button-down with your knit tie is a casual yet professional look. For the evening, consider putting on a blazer or jacket and adding a pin to your lapel and a pocket square.

7. Somber Occasions

Funerals and celebrations of life are occasions that you don't want to think about; however, they are apart of life, and you should always have an outfit for such occasions in your wardrobe.

Keep your colors muted and avoid any busy patterns or fun label pins. Wearing a knit tie to these events is a classy and polished way to pay your respect.

8. Meeting The Parents

Having a polished and refined style on the day you meet the parentswill give you the confidence you need to charm and engage. As a dapper gentleman, you should not be afraid of overdressing for the occasion.

Knit ties can be used to subtly show that you take pride in your appearance and you respect your partner and their family. If you are feeling bold, try a fun pocket square.

9. Casual Day

Knit ties can be dressed up as formally or informally as you wish. Their texture is unique and can be used to spruce up a simple daytime shirt without going overboard. For a casual look, you don't need a jacket or blazer, just you, your shirt, and your knit tie!

10. Night on The Town

Stand out in the crowd with a bold knit tie, pocket square, and lapel pin. Your date and friends will be impressed at your dapper style. A houndstooth jacket is the perfect pairing for the textured knit tie on your night out.

Knitted Ties For Every Occassion

Knitted ties are versatile and unique making them suitable for any occasion. The bold texture of knit ties will make you and your ensemble stand out in the crowd like a true gentleman.

Read our 8 stylish tips for casually wearing a knit tie to really up your knit tie game.

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Jose Guajolote
Jose Guajolote

February 04, 2024

Eschew this advice. Knitted ties reek of the informal and bucolic. They have no place at any business meeting or solemn social gathering.

The urbane professional will wear a good silk tie at any occasion.

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