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Why Floral Wedding Ties Are Here To Stay

October 30, 2020 4 min read

Why Floral Wedding Ties Are Here To Stay

As summer wedding season gives way to fall-themed bashes, are you gearing up for a big day of your own?

Whether you're anxiously awaiting your own nuptials or you're planning to stand beside your loved ones as they exchange vows, your wedding day wardrobe matters.

While it's true that trends may come and go, this isn't usually a time to embrace wacky, off-the-wall looks that you'll regret years down the road. Rather, it's the time to showcase classic, timeless styles that you'll love looking back on fondly.

One accessory that's sure to stand the test of time? Floral wedding ties!

Floral is one design that has truly iconic appeal, making everything look more whimsical, elegant and fashion-forward. Today, we're sharing a few reasons why they're here to stay, and how you can incorporate them into your ceremony with ease.

Why Do Florals Work?

There's no denying that floral prints are colorful. They're richly-hued and full of character.

That said, what makes them so universally appealing? Shouldn't they be more polarizing, and only appeal to a set group of people? Turns out, the secret is actually the variations in tone, design and movement that you noticed.

You see, florals might feature intricate or bold patterns, but in most cases, these designs blend together, allowing the piece to act as a neutral. Your eye doesn't catch every individual bloom, leaf or branch. Rather, you see a fluid mosaic that allows anything in the background to truly pop.

For this reason, floral ties and accessories work beautifully with solid black suit coats, button-downs and more. Especially if the rest of your wedding attire is relatively plain and simple, floral ties offer the perfect amount of character and style.

Why Buy Floral Wedding Ties?

Now that you know a little more about why floral patterns work in general, let's shift the attention to your big day.

You can go into any men's clothing store and find a solid or simply-designed bowtie or necktie. Why should you skip these more traditional options and go with a floral version instead? Let's take a look at a few of the top reasons to check them out.

They complement Your Wedding Colors

From purple and pink to teal and navy blue, there are many different colors that make excellent wedding day hues. The only issue? It can be difficult to find accessories that match these shades exactly.

That tie you thought was navy might look black in stark daylight. Or, the lapel pin you swore was red in the store suddenly looks orange at the rehearsal dinner.

When you go with floral wedding ties, you can use them to highlight and complement your wedding colors without any fear of clashing or missing the mark. Solid bridesmaids' dresses pair perfectly with them, as do groomsmen jackets and dress shirts. You can draw out the most vibrant colors of your wedding scheme while still blending in seamlessly.

Going with a crimson-tinted event? Our Floral Ivy Ruby Bow Tie Set is a natural add-on. Throwing a deep-blue gala under the evening sky? Our Floral Blue Star Tie Set offers the ultimate in laidback cool. For any colors you choose, we've got a floral tie that makes the ideal pair.

They Showcase Your Personality

Are you planning an elegant, downtown affair? What about a rustic backyard barbecue? From the upscale to the down-home, there are many different wedding styles, and each one works because it showcases the personalities of the betrothed.

Looking for another way you can pay homage to your unique style? Find a floral tie that matches your aesthetic!

For instance, bow ties are a wedding accessory that have made a major comeback in the past few years. Heralded as the ultimate in hipster cool, they're dressy and totally on-point at even the most formal occasion. Try this style on yourself with our Floral Ivy Rose Bow Tie, which adds a soft touch to any ensemble.

You Can Incorporate Corresponding Accessories

While you're on the hunt for the perfect floral tie set, there are other accessories that can bring the whole look together. Two of the most popular ones are pocket squares and lapel pins.

Paired with our floral ties, these pieces create a whole look that can transform the feel of your wedding. This is another reason why these festive ties work: They work well with a range of other accessories that can elevate your look in seconds.

The best part? When you shop with us, you can find items that are meant to be together, like our Floral Navy Lapel Pin, which works great almost every item in our floral tie collection! It's especially stunning next to our Floral Navy Bow Tie Set!

A pocket square completes the set, and our Floral Baby Blue Pocket Square is the ultimate show-stopper. We also offer this square in a range of floral designs, from Beige Carnation to Rose Meadow. Tuck one into your pocket, fasten your lapel pin, adjust your tie, and you're all set.

Shop Our Full Collection Today

Whether you're seeking the perfect wedding day look or you simply want to look dapper for date night, we've got you covered. Our Gentleman Sets include all of the eye-catching ties, bow ties, and socks you need.

If you're celebrating your big day, our Wedding Shop makes it easy to color coordinate, organized by specific shades and including all of your favorites, including floral wedding ties!

We've got everything you need to help you look your best, one knot at a time. Feel free to shop our full collection online today and contact our team if you have any questions. To receive exclusive discounts, gentleman tips and more, be sure to join the Dapper Circle!

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