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How To Fold A Pocket Square For A Wedding

November 12, 2020 5 min read

How To Fold A Pocket Square For A Wedding

Although weddings are usually a formal event, the joyous nature of it allows for some fun and creativity. That means you aren’t stuck with the strict flat, one-point, or two-point wedding pocket square folds.

You don’t want to make this one mistake when doing your pocket square, though. Keep on reading to learn how to fold a pocket square for a wedding in different ways.

Flat Fold

The flat fold, or presidential fold, is best for formal events. It keeps things classy and neat; and, it’s one of the easiest you can do. It will also keep you looking sharp throughout the day and night.

Take your pocket square and lay it flat in a square position. Depending on the size of your pocket square, you can fold it across in half or into thirds. It should be able to fit in your pocket at this point, so you may have to experiment to get the right width.

Then, fold it in half, tucking the bottom beneath the top half. You may have to fold it in half again this way, but after which, you should now have a flat fold.

Puff Fold

The puff fold is the quintessential, go-to fold for any dapper gentleman. If you want to add a soft touch to your look this fold is great because there will be no peaks or borders showing. It's also one of the quickest folds to create and once mastered you will be able to grab a pocket square and have it in your jacket within seconds.

To achieve this look simply pick up your pocket square from the center with two fingers to create a natural drape. With your other hand wrap your thumb and index finger around the pocket square tightly and pull the square most of the way through creating the puff shape on top. Place the square in your pocket and adjust the puff to your liking.

One-Point Fold

This one looks like a triangle sticking out of the pocket. It works best with black tie wear, finishing the look with a touch of subtle elegance.

You want to lay down the pocket square in front of you but in a diamond position. You should have the corners on the top, bottom, right, and left.

Then, take the bottom corner and fold it over the top corner to make a perfect triangle. Fold the right corner about two-thirds of the way across and do the same for the left corner.

Test the fit of the pocket square in the pocket. The folds shouldn’t be showing and the peak should be at the center. Adjust as needed so it looks immaculate.

Two-Point Fold

This type of fold also adds elegance but with a bit of complexity to add a layer of interest in your whole outfit.

Starting from the diamond position, you take the bottom corner and fold it over the top corner. This time, make sure the corner goes over slightly to the left, creating an imperfect triangle. These are your two points.

The rest of the steps are about the same. Take the right corner and fold it across; the same goes for the left corner. Again, you can test and adjust to make it fit in the pocket the right way.

Three-Point Fold

The three-point fold kind of looks like a flower, so it’s a fantastic choice for bright colors or patterns. It’s a breeze to learn once you know how to fold a pocket square for a wedding with one or two points.

You’ll start again with the diamond position, and like in the two-point fold, you fold the bottom over the top with the corner slightly to the left. Now, you take the left corner and fold it to the right of the top corner to create the third point.

All what’s left is the excess fabric on the right. Fold it over the whole thing but below the three peaks or you can fold it across as you would in the one- or two-point folds. What’s important is that it stays hidden in the pocket while the three peaks shine.

Four-Point Fold

This one is a bit more flashy, so it’s a good way to stand out in the wedding. Also known as the Cagney Square after James Cagney, the four-point fold is intricate and can get complicated, but it only has a few more steps from the three-point fold.

Again, lay flat the pocket square in the diamond position. Following the instructions for the three-point fold, take the bottom corner and fold it to the left of the top corner.

Now, take the right corner and fold it over to the left of the bottom corner. To create the fourth peak, you take the left corner and fold it over to the right of the top corner.

That wasn’t hard, was it? You might be able to fit the pocket square in the pocket at this point but to make it more cohesive, let’s add one more step.

Take the new left corner and fold the edge to the center. Do the same for the right corner, so now you have a cone shape. This time, it should look wonderful in your pocket.

Mountain Peaks Fold

Note that this is different from the four-peak fold as this looks more like a mountain range. The best type of fabric for this would be the ones with an embroidered edge.

First, lay flat your pocket square in the diamond position with the face down. Then, take the bottom corner and fold it over the top corner, but instead of laying it on top of each other, put the bottom corner slightly askew to the left to make an imperfect triangle. Now, you have two peaks.

Take the right corner and fold it over to the left of the two peaks, forming three peaks. The left corner then goes to the right and then you fold it again to the left of the three peaks to form the fourth peak.

You now have the mountain peaks, but we have to make it fit into your pocket. Fold the excess fabric on the bottom to get a cone shape. Turn the whole pocket square over, fold the bottom over about a third of the way through, and turn it over again.

That’s it – you now have an eye-catching wedding pocket square.

Learn More About Pocket Squares

After learning how to fold a pocket square for a wedding, you should learn about picking the right one next. This depends on the theme of the wedding and your outfit. The most important thing, though, is that you feel terrific wearing it.

Check out our article on how to match a pocket square with your tie to look your absolute best!

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